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Cerebro Capital


Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan software is revolutionizing and modernizing the corporate loan process. A team of financial and software experts combined their shared knowledge to build an all-in-one platform that creates efficient loan sourcing and portfolio management processes.

What makes Cerebro Capital Different?

Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan management solutions optimize data on the private debt capital markets for middle market borrowers. Relationship banking will always be important, but public debt loans, credit card financing and personal home mortgages have more transparent options than middle market private companies. It’s time for the middle market to enjoy the same benefits of competitive pressure and comparative data.

Let Cerebro handle every step in the corporate loan lifecycle from finding new lenders to monitoring loan compliance to refinancing.



Exclude incumbent lenders. Calculate borrowing capacity. Improve your existing rates & terms.


Run covenant cushion analysis. Track loan covenant compliance. Receive alerts when deadlines approach.


Rely on data-driven matching. Automate communication. Leverage an expert loan transaction team.


Digitize credit agreements. Upload financials. Create loan compliance calendar. Benchmark terms & rates.

Bringing Credit Search to the 21st Century

CEOs and CFOs are some of the most time-strapped executives in an organization. Rarely do they have time to call lenders individually. Even worse, since they are only sourcing loans once every two or three years, they are disadvantaged by having outdated data on the private debt markets. Lenders have traditionally had a stronger position in the negotiation, but they’ve also had to spend marketing dollars and commissions on finding the right borrowers.

Cerebro offers a free lead generation tool for lenders and more competitive options for borrowers. Lenders save money sourcing leads and borrowers benefit from lower rates and more flexible structures.

Discover your best lender terms

Discover your complimentary analysis of your credit situation

Discover your automated loan compliance software

Discover optimized lead-generation for lenders